FAQ Questions and answers

What is LibreBank?

LibreBank is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and reserve fund. LibreBank aims to offer a number of services that will help to build a truly decentralized economy.

What is LibreCash?

LibreCash is the first service of LibreBank - LibreCash is a token that has a stable liquidation value. This stability makes possible things, impossible with typical cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What sorts of things can I do with LibreCash?

With LibreCash, you can make purchases, get credit, issue loans, transfer value from one blockchain platform to another (ie from Ethereum to NEO), exchange digital assets for fiat, complete remittance procedures, and so much more.

How is LibreBank managed?

LibreBank has as part of its mission to be a fully decentralized organization. While the LibreBank foundation takes care of initial administrative tasks, every aspect of the organization will be automated and decentralized using smart contract technology. Decisions on the platform are made by LBRS token holders.

What is the LBRS token?

LBRS is an acronym for “LibreBank Reserve Share.” LBRS tokens give holders the right to vote on key issues regarding the platform’s operations. Additionally, token holders earn dividends as shareholders of the reserve fund.

How can I become a part of the project?

Two key ways: by contributing your time, or by contributing your money. Project participants who contribute their expertise to the development of the platform will be rewarded in LBRS tokens. Soon, during the LBRS token sale, it will be possible to purchase LBRS tokens.